Optimum Fitness is unique in that we not only cater towards individual’s needs but we also allow people to be themselves in a comfortable environment. We know clients are hoping for a better and healthier lifestyle but find big gyms can be intimidating without any real guidance or support. Optimum Fitness prides itself on making clients feel welcome and excited to discover tangible results through hard work and dedication. Workouts are challenging and dynamic but can be flexed to accommodate beginners and those working through injury recovery as well as scaled up for those more advanced in their fitness journey. We know that if you’re not comfortable and empowered at the gym then you won’t go, which is why we focus on maintaining a friendly space for effective training!


My name is Jayne DePratti. I am a wife, mother, personal trainer and fitness enthusiast. I got into all things fitness related after having my 2 children and gaining a lot of weight through pregnancy. Feeling frustrated after trying different ways to shift the weight I found a boxing class and fell in love. I realized my passion was not only for enjoying a high intensity workout but also for helping others through their own personal journey. I have a passion for helping people figure out and implement safe and effective training programs that will suit their individual needs in a comfortable and friendly environment. I have worked in the fitness industry for over 15yrs with experience in personal training,  HIIT kickboxing, small group training classes, teen training, gymnastics instruction pre-k and kindergarten fitness.

Credentials are composed of:

  • Certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports medicine
  • NASM Group fitness instructor certified through Aerobics and fitness Association of America
  • NASM certified Nutrition coach
  • AFFA Kickboxing instructor certified through Aerobics and fitness Association of America
  • First aid and CPR certified
  • Continuing educational experience in:
    • Activity of older adults
    • Resistance core training
    • Exercise as anxiety intervention
    • Cardiorespiratory Training for sports performance